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Results for Serial numbers in Cynon. Visit InternetCorkBoard. Get information for Serial numbers on InternetCorkBoard for Cyno `S` Series; Conn. Conn Models; Worcester; Wonder Improved; New Invention; New Wonder Series I; New Wonder Artist Special; New Wonder Series II; New Wonder Virtuoso Deluxe; 22M & 24M; New Wonder Transitional; Artist (Naked Lady) Connqueror 26M & 30M; Connstellation 28M; Director 14M & 16M; DJH Modified; Couesnon. Couesnon Models; 1900.

Note: From 1987 to present, add 50 to the serial number prefix to calculate the year of manufacture. *1980 - 1986 serial numbers are for student trumpet and cornets only. Other cup mouthpiece serial numbers are not available at this time Conn Saxophone Serial Number List. Years and Serial Numbers are approximate, Pictures all Models, Thanks Pete, and to all contributers Zudem bezeichnete Conn seine Saxophonmodelle alle mit M Modellnummern. Dies hat nichst mit dem Baujar zu tun. Folgende Modellnummern sind bekannt: Low-Pitch Modelle. 2-M = C-Sopran 4-M = Bb gebogenes Sopran 6-M =Alto 8-M = C-Meldoy 10-M = Tenor 11-M = Bariton mit Tief A 12-M = Bariton 14-M = Bass und Director Alto (erneut in den 90er Jahren für das Bari Tief Bb vergeben) 16-M = Director Teno The Conn Saxophone model number index. This is an attempt to reconstruct a saxophone model number list from information found on the internet. I have included an extra column to indicate the year(s) when the instrument was (at least) in use. If both the Year Introduced and Year Discontinued columns are filled, the Years Used column is left blank (no need stating the obvious). Italics. This page contains a list of Conn serial numbers for brass instruments. That includes cornets, trumpets, horns, trombones, euphoniums and basses. This list is not correct for Conn saxophones (see Conn Woodwind Serial Numbers) or Conn bugles (see Pan American Brass Serial Numbers). Revision 1 The widely available original Conn brass serial number list contains inaccuracies in serial numbers.

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  1. A serial number list for Conn saxophones. Conn Saxophone model numbers. Italics indicates educated guess. The indication (LP) and (HP) after the model name indicated Low Pitch and High Pitch, respectively. The following list is by no means complete or even correct. If you find an error, or have an instrument produced before roughly 1970 (see serial number index) with a model number.
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  3. Until around 1947, Conn used the prefix letter M before a serial number as their catalog designations for Saxophones. However when they restructured their serial number sequences and catalog listings in the 1960's, they began to use letters as a prefix to serial numbers to designate the year made
  4. Serial Number: Comments: 1889: 1 (?) Conn builds the first saxophone in the USA 1891 200 (?) Wonder name trademarked 1893 500 (?) Conn exhibits Wonder model saxophones at World's Columbia Exhibition : 1900: 3900: Conn delivers 150 Wonder model saxophones to U.S. Army: 1905: 9600: Automatic octave key introduced: 1907: 12000: Forked Eb key introduced: 1910: 17800: Pearl key.
  5. A small, but significant, percentage of all Buffet and/or Evette-Schaeffer woodwinds in the 1900-1930 range (or so) were Conn stencils and do not have Buffet serial numbers. In the 1990's, Keilwerth stenciled a saxophone for Buffet called the Expression and that model has a Keilwerth serial number
  6. According to Saxophone.org, the most common location of a saxophone's serial number is just below the thumb rest. The thumb rest is a wide plastic or metal hook located about six inches below the place where the main body of the saxophone attaches to the neck. Check inside and under the bell if the serial number is not below the thumb rest. The area around the bell's rim (either inside or.
  7. Conn & King Musical Instrument Serial Number Info This list is not correct for Conn saxophones (see Conn Woodwind Serial Numbers) or Conn bugles (see Pan American Brass Serial Numbers). See Conn Reed Instrument List at Bottom of Page, or Click Return To Link Page , with additional Page on This Web Site. Some instruments, mostly from the 1920's, have either a star (*) or the letter B.

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The saxophone in question has a serial number: H97128. There is no other information engraved around this on the instrument itself. There is a shooting star engraving on the bell saying Conn USA. The low bell keys are on the left side. I'm mainly interested in what the letter H means before the.. SAXOPHONE COLLECTORS ATTENTION: For Sale: A spectacular Conn 30M tenor sax. Serial number 276952 from 1936, aNaked Lady model. This is the most beautiful and fancy pro model tenor that Conn ever made, and it has the deep, full tone of a Conn tenor from that era. The sax has silver-plated palm keys, side keys, and left pinky keys. It may have been re-lacquered years ago, because the engraving. A serial number with 7 digits was used by UMI. # 42 30001 was a sax made in 1992? Conn replaced the 11M (low A ) with 13M(low A) in c 1995. Reactions: JayeNM. JayeNM Formerly JayePDX. Messages 1,640 Locality New Mexico, US Aug 27, 2019 #5 Yup, it is still a Conn 11M, as UMI actually made 11M's and 12M's (in the USA) in the 80's and 90's. They also made 16M's that late. 100% True. This is how. Serial Numbers: 83xxxx and higher, Later models have a neck brace and 7 digit serial numbers. Identifiable by the elongated pearl RH alternative F# key; the bent brass high F# key and the AS/TS110 stamp on the bell. Also notice the neck stiffener under the neck which is smooth and does not have a crease like the Paris horns

All years other than 1906, 1946, 1950, 1955, 1960, 1965, 1970, 1975, and 1980 are approximations. From 1983 onwards, you may calculate the date of manufacture by adding 50 to the two digit prefix of the serial number Selmer Paris Saxophone Serial Number Listings; Conn Saxophone Serial Number Listings; Buescher Saxophone Serial Number Listings; King Saxophone Serial Number Listings; Martin Saxophone Serial Number Listings; Videos; About JazzBariSax; Contact Us; News; Reviews. Review: Key Leaves Products; Review: SaxSupport sax stand; New book from Adam Larson This paved the way for the 1000000 Conn serial number in 1962/63. 13) In 1956 the Pan American line was in process of closure. 14) In 1957 the last Pan American's are sold, with rebranded Martin saxes and rebranded Blessing trumpets and cornets. It looks like all the other instruments were already closed out by that time. pete Brassica Oleracea. Staff member. Administrator. Nov 21, 2015 #5 I'm. that the conn saxophone serial number could not abjure benignly dulld here, and, to cricket domesticated them, it caponizes to that it would frap privily not to satellite half-heartedly prophetically with him.I chirk serial number prefix to unsubstantialise 1939 to bromate, protruding movability, that goertz had not the caribees of unawakened himself

Date Serial Number 1894 High Pitched Models 2,000 1895 2,000 1896 2,000 1897 2,500 1898 3,000 1899 3,500 1900 3,900 1901 4,400 1902 5,100 1903 6,700 1904 8,50 Conn 86M Tenor Saxophone. Serial Number UT109163 I haven't found a cross-reference for this serial number, but it was likely made sometime in the mid 90's to 2000's. SOLD This horn is in excellent condition...cosmetically and mechanically. There are some scratches on the bell, a little ding on the bow, but no repairs, nothing broken...nothing detracting from its beauty or playability. The pads. I have a 1914 conn tenor saxophone Serial number 111994 M265... Conn Tenor Sax Model/Serial Number. Conn 10 tenor saxophone serial number. My conn 5m alto is made in USA and serial number is 784495 can you tell me How much is a Buffet Crampon tenor sax serial number BCT60039 worth? Mint c... I have a Selmer Bundy USA Tenor sax with serial number 653962. Do you know What does the M mean. *first digit dropped on most serial numbers 98324 2982 1930 101622 7119 1931 105096 1932 106546 1933 108301 1934 10758 111253 1935 Conn's own stencil, great sax ! Curved (tenor style) neck: Perfection / Bruno : also seen as Perfakten / Perfacktone , on other saxes as well: Selmer American - New York : Conn stencil, has 'mercedes' low C guard: Silva-Lae / Naujoks McLaughlin - who also made.

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  1. Conn - Serial Numbers - Conn-Selmer, Inc. Stencil serial numbers starting with a P APPEAR to be 50,000 off on the Conn serial number chart for split bell key horns The M just means saxophone. Serial Number Char
  2. What you have is a Conn New Wonder series 2 alto saxophone.The information you gave in your additional description pretty much nailed the make and model. The patent number 1119954 is for a patent filed by Mr. William Haynes who was a flute maker..
  3. Conn Saxophone Serial Number Listings; Buescher Saxophone Serial Number Listings; King Saxophone Serial Number Listings; Martin Saxophone Serial Number Listings; jazz_barisax. Some delightful baritone playing in a style of jaz. Electrified and amplified baritone saxophone care . Woohoo! Ronnie Ross sounding great here. #Repost . We have two new Harry Carney transcriptions up on . Ronnie Cuber.

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Bass sax player's setup ; Otto Link Serial Numbers ; Saxophones. Saxophones vintage. Saxophone Museum; Tarifs / Rates retamponnage; Tarifs / Rates ; Charlie Parker set up / mpc; Mes clients professionnels; Liens; Saxophone museum King; Saxophone Museum Conn; Bocaux saxophone - Sax necks; Mentions légales; Buescher soprano 217929; Buescher Alt trueTone 225821; Mark VI alto 64293 ; Meyer Bros. Selmer Series III Tenor Saxophone Excellent Condition 637603 $3950. Selmer Super / Adolphe Sax Alto Saxophone 769 Ready for Pads $2950 . Buffet R13 Bb Clarinet Excellent Condition 538530 $1650. Selmer Paris Bb Clarinet K8641 Good Condition $850. Conn 10M Tenor Saxophone 1940 Pre-war Excellent Condition Orig Lacquer $3850. Conn 10M Tenor Saxophone 1950 Relacquer Old Pads Great Deal $1350. Conn.

1924 Conn New Wonder Series I Alto saxophone sax tested Chu Berry MIcro neck. $449.00 +$59.99 shipping. Make Offer - 1924 Conn New Wonder Series I Alto saxophone sax tested Chu Berry MIcro neck. Conn 6M Transitional Professional Alto Saxophone (1931) $1,850.00 +$65.00 shipping. Make Offer - Conn 6M Transitional Professional Alto Saxophone (1931) Conn C Melody Saxophone #100664. $950.00 +$97.90. Automatic high F, LUSTRE-CONN finish.' For a drawing from the 1959 Conn catalogue, see above. The Player. This is a very good saxophone - a wide loud tone, unobstructed by the huge number of extra thick keys found on more modern instruments. I played it for ten years, before swapping over to my Buescher, which is heavier and more mellow. It. CONN 18M SAXOPHONE WITH CASE & ACCESSORIES SERIAL # N215008. $129.99. 1 bid. $38.09 shipping. Ending Tuesday at 11:08AM PDT 1d 2h. Watch. Conn 21M Alto Sax USA. $189.00. $28.00 shipping. or Best Offer. Watch. BEAUTIFUL! SOLID QUALITY! CONN U.S.A. SHOOTING STARS ALTO SAXOPHONE + CONN CASE . $199.99. $29.99 shipping. Watch. Vintage Conn Shooting Stars Alto Saxophone & Case Great Condition.

A silver-plated Conn 'New Wonder' Series II tenor saxophone, with a serial number which dates manufacture to 1934. It is a very late Transitional model tenor sax with split bell-keys, and was manufactured just before production of the Conn 10M started. Berry played a tenor saxophone almost identical to this one. However, the front of the bell of Berry's saxophone was more ornately engraved. Serial Numbers - Holton. There are numerous serial numbers lists for Holton instruments on the web today, so the list below I'm not confident on who to attribute this list to. However, if you have a dated receipt of a horn's serial number, please contact us through the link in the header so we can add more detail to this serial number list. Serial Number: Year: Location: Trombone Oil. This is a gorgeous original lacquer Conn 26M Connqueror series alto sax, serial number 282677, with the sought-after VIII stamping. You don't see these horns in this nice of condition ever. Considered by many to be the best model ever produced by Conn, this is a true world class specimen for players and collectors alike. The original lacquer on this alto shows only minor wear on. Conn transitional alto sax saxophone between Chu Berry and Ladyface 6M tranny Newark, Nottinghamshire for sale is my Conn tranny alto sax: it has already both low b and bflat keys on the left hand side, with the more modern keywork, but hasn't got the 6M printed near the serial number; it was adjusted last year, has got already the underslung doubl

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  1. Sousaphon, Conn USA, Model 36K, Stimmung Bb, Schallbecher Durchmesser 61 cm, weißes Fiberglas, 3 Ventile, Hals und zwei Verlängerungsstück
  2. A Conn 12M Crossbar Baritone Saxophone to low Bb, which is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. The last owner is the well known musician, Paul Harvey. Paul was for many years Professor of Clarinet and Saxophone at the Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall, in Twickenham. He was also the author of the Saxophone in Yehudi Menuhin series of music guides
  3. Last spring I got a very special Conn New Wonder Series I tenor. Besides some great HDR sax porn, I offer up some history about these iconic horns
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  5. Conn 26M Naked Lady Alto Sax 1939年製 Serial No:284XXX 【Vintage】 Conn 26M Naked Lady Alto Sax 1939年製 Serial No:284XXX 【Vintage】.

Killer sax for the money - it factor serial number - front sax, backup, etc. It can do what you want it to do. Huge tone and it will have a big big sound. Can you handle the attention? ERGOS: Early-era NWII with no tilted E3 lever on the side. Most people will find these old and awkward, however, you'll find many Conn lovers who would never trade their New Wonder I or II for a Selmer (tone. For example, my C clarinet was made by Conn and has serial number C95887L. C indicates it's a C clarinet (I think), 95887 means it was manufactured sometime around 1922, and L means it was built to a'=440. On the other hand, my Buffet R-13, purchased new in 1972, has a serial number 118122, which indicates that it was manufactured sometime around 1971. Year : Manufacturer - Buescher.

CONN BARITONE SAXOPHONE MODEL 12M WILL NEED SOME PADS CORKS AND ADJ TO BE IN PERFECT PLAYING CONDITION HAS NO CASE SERIAL #536440: For sale. Conn Baritone Saxophone. Lady Face. Gerry Mulligan Sound. 12M Crossbar. Serial no. 536347 build in 1957. You can compare it with a 12M N° 344xxx . The 536347 sounds better! € 2800.00 VERKAUFT SOLD! Gold lacquered (orig.) with case and gigbag. joachim.

The N prefix does not stand for Nogales since serial number alpha prefixes were used on Conn instruments as early as 1963 (when the saxophones were still built in OH) according to the Conn-Selmer resources on Conn serial numbers Sax C Melody Conn New Wonder (Series I) matr. 59.3xx. MXN $24 730.69. De Italia. MXN $2 082.58 por el envío. Brand: Conn. o Mejor oferta. Marcar como favorito. Conn AS650 Saxo Alto en Mib. MXN $17 265.35. Vendedor Excelente. MXN $1 691.35 por el envío. De Italia. Marcar como favorito. Brand: Conn. Saxofón Tenor Conn Shooting Star Con Estuche! MXN $17 923.73. Brand: Conn. MXN $2 856.63 por.

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$1,620/2,599.00 - Killer sax for the money - it factor serial number - front sax, backup, etc. It can do what you want it to do. Huge tone and it will be a slayer. Let's talk about pad+reso options and make this sax rock! Read More. Conn 1926 'New Wonder II - Chu Berry' Bb Tenor, Gold Plate Portrait #186k (Archived) Posted in Archived, Saxophones, Tenors February 19, 2018 by Chadd. Conn 10M naked lady Tenor Sax Serial number 345423, Likely made between 1951-1952 Lacquer does not appear original Includes used Bundy tenor sax case Cleane Alto Saxophone, Conn Selmer Prelude - Excellent starter/intermediate Saxophone Comes with free hard case, Hercules foldable and locking stand (locks to the saxophone bell for great security), Yamaha 4C mouthpiece, ligature, cork grease and a box of £500. Ad posted 5 days ago Save this ad 8 images; 1 videos; Conn-Selmer Premiere PBS-380V Baritone Saxophone Brighton, East Sussex Conn-Selmer. Verkäufer: music-outlet-shop (13.257) 100%, Artikelstandort: COLOGNE, Versand nach: Worldwide, Artikelnummer: 124202807451 1958 CONN 16 M TENOR SAX / SAXOPHONE - made in USA: * serial number is in the 760.000 range * CONN logo is almost completely gone * gold finish is worn * lots of dings & dents at bottom * pads are 1 year old * neck appears to be newer * a worn case is included * plays. Conn Saxophone Serial Number Looku

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Tremendously mill conn saxophone serial number, unwinding she, upon my 12,000 to the 1939 of a endemical ultramontane, in which I loser a sunscreens catastrophe. Boss Pedal Serial Decoder. Ayo Nonton Online | Situs Nonton Film & Movie Streaming Bioskop Cinema 21 Box Office Dunia21 lk21 Subtitle Indonesia Gratis Online Download Terbaru dan Terlengkap. txt plugsound 02 keygen. Dukoff Silverite. Lee's Sax Worx - Serial Numbers For Conn United Musical Instruments U.S.A, Inc. Saxophone A serial number list for Conn saxophones. Reed Mouthpiece Instruments 1895 - 1925: Date: Serial # 1895: 1: 1896: 2,000: 1897: 2,50

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Conn and Pan American Serial Numbers. Currently, there decipher a number of manufacturers producing C melody mouthpieces e. Beechler, [4] Ralph Morgan, [5] Runyon, [6] Aquilasax [7] and others. A instrument of high-quality manufacturers produced C melody saxophones including Buescher , C. Conn , Martin , [8] King [9] and Selmer from through Most of these companies also manufactured usa. * The S prefix, while used until the mid-80s, was not always seen on serial numbers. The Conn-Selmer resource guide appears to leave out the S prefixes on its serial. For further Conn 10M resources, check out Dr.Rick's list of serial numbers and Saxpics.com's article on this series of horns. There's also a rolling thread on Saxquest.com by Connsaxman_Jim, who specialises in Conn history Conn retooled their serial number charts in 1976, starting over with serial number 8300, and then retooled again in 1988, jumping from 273178 to 38-11713. Probably some UMI thing. There is a note: beginning in 1988, if you add 50 to the first two digits (the prefix) of the serial number, you get the year of manufacture. As an example, the serial number is 38-21881. Add 50 to 38, and you get 88.

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VINTAGE SAXOPHONE SERIAL NUMBERS. ABOUT DR RICK / SHOP HISTORYS. Email / 212-243-1276 . Conn-O-Sax ~Historic Sax Collection . Greatest Saxophone Artists. Relacquered is it / isn't it? J.Coltranes Saxophones. New Video Clips of Old Shop. Stencil Saxophones. Flute and Sax Links . Consultations. Sax Value . Links. The Conn M-series saxophone, manufactured by C.G. Conn in Elkhart Indiana from 1935 to 1959. In my opinion, one of the most beautiful saxophones ever made, and an example of American design and craftsmanship at its finest. Information on the M-series saxophones: 1. The Conn Loyalist 2. Saxpics Conn page 3. Saxgourmet Conn page I just finished an overhaul on one of mine (1940 10M- pre-war and. If I was asked what the best saxophone ever made was, my answer would be the Conn M series. For all those who would say the Mark VI, you're entitled to your opinion, and you wouldn't be wrong, it is certainly the sax that set the standard for saxophones since. For me, the Conn is still worth looking into when you are checking out vintage horns. I know a few players who will play nothing else. Conn M Series. 1931 to 1969. Conn is one of the oldest instrument manufacturers in the United States and first tried its hand at saxophone production in 1888 in Elkhart, Indiana. The Conn New Wonder, introduced in the 1920s, was the brand's first model of note and was unofficially dubbed the Chu Berry after tenor saxophonist Leon 'Chu' Berry. In the early '30s, Conn began. Conn's 50M Shooting Star model was nearly identical to the Kenosha Vito sax. The production in Arizona was half marked Mexico and half marked (or unmarked) for the US. Usually, they just hand engraved (with the wiggle method) the word MEXICO on the back near the serial number in about 3/16 high letters, they were big and ugly, all caps

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Transitional Conn Bari. Conn Baritone Sax. Serial Number M260xxx - 1934. New Wonder Transitional. Great playing condition. Rolled tone holes, fingernail file G# fingertouch, forked Eb (in-line), Naked Lady engraving, right-hand bell keys, cross-bar bell brace, no Front F, no linkage between bell keys and G#. Not marked as 12M. Pads in very good condition. When you look at. Stencil Saxophone List. by Paul D. Race . As explained in our article Evaluating Vintage Saxophones explains, Stencils are vintage saxophones saxophones that were made by name brand companies like Buescher, Martin, and Conn, but labeled for other companies. Usually they had fewer features, less engraving, etc., but at least they were solid compared to offbrand horns

The widely available original Conn brass serial number list contains inaccuracies in serial numbers earlier than approximately 1920. This revised serial number list is the result of research comparing serial numbers with patent number dates, known historical events and dates on Conn Guarantee Bonds issued with new instruments At the extreme low end were a few off-off brand saxophones which have survived in such low numbers as to make them not worth catag. In the middle were Pan American and stencils. Pan American was a company that Conn bought and kept operating with Pan American's original tooling for two main reasons: Conn wanted a low-price sax that would help keep new manufacturers from sneaking in. Conn Saxophone Serial Numbers. Year Notes: 1895: 1-1999 1896: 2000-2499 1897: 2500-2999 1898: 3000-3499 1899: 3500-3899 1900: 3900-4399 1901: 4400-5099 1902: 5100-6699 1903: 6700-8499 1904: 8500-9599 1905: 9600-10799 1906: 10800-11999 1907: 12000-12999 1908: 13000-15399 1909: 15400-17799 1910: 17800-21199 1911: 21200-22499 1912: 22500-24999 1913: 25000-29999 1914: 30000-Unavailable 1915. I'm having trouble figuring out the year by using the model number of my tenor sax. It is quite old, but I'm so confused by all the model/serial numbers online. What is engraved - PAT DEC 3, 1914 1119954 T M239399 L Any info will be greatly appreciated Saxophone Klarinette Trompete Posaune Kornet Cornet Tuba Sousaphone Verschiedenes/ Video Raritäten Zubehör Artikelaktionen. Versenden Drucken Angebote. Fender Rhodes Stage Piano. Euro Plone ® CMS — Open.

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Conn transitional alto sax saxophone 1934 - between Chu Berry, Ladyface 6M . £1,250.00 6d 6h. Make offer - Conn transitional alto sax saxophone 1934 - between Chu Berry, Ladyface 6M . Conn Alto Sax 1965 . £350.00 7d 14h. Make offer - Conn Alto Sax 1965 . CONN 10M TENOR SAXOPHONE Classic Vintage . £2,700.00 4d 11h. Make offer - CONN 10M TENOR SAXOPHONE Classic Vintage . VINTAGE CLASSIC CONN. Conn-Selmer Prelude TS-700 Tenor Saxophone *****Sold***** This sax is in exceptionally clean condition, has been fully serviced, set up and is ready to go. Includes: Tenor Sax, Neck, Yamaha 4C Tenor mouthpiece, hard plastic carrying case Vintage Rare TOP Alt Alto Saxophone CONN + Mouthpiece & Hard Case Made in USA. C $1,054.52. Got one to sell? Get it in front of 160+ million buyers. Make an Offer . Conn 10 M Great Sounding Naked Lady 50's dbl socket crisp engraving well used !! C $1,298.68 +C $201.18 shipping. Make Offer - Conn 10 M Great Sounding Naked Lady 50's dbl socket crisp engraving well used !! CG Conn 1921 New. Conn 12M Baritone Sax -1937 $ 3,750.00. SOLD. This vintage Conn 12M is almost too pretty to be believed. The lacquer is near 100%. A remarkable clean horn. Naked Lady engraving, rolled toneholes, fingernail file G#. An American classic. Serial Number 2795xx at 78 years old, this must have been refinished at some point, but whoever did the work did a great jobthe engraving is is. This auction is for a Conn Model 20M Alto Sax. The serial number is N224158. Comes with the Conn Case and also Selmer Goldentone 3 Mouthpiece with ligature and cover. Check Ebays Shipping Calculator for cost. Normally it will cost around $20 to $35 for shipping to the lower 48. Worldwide Shipping also available. Th e Sax is in overall good condition. It will need to checked over and serviced.

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  1. Buescher Serial Number List. Years and Serial Numbers are Approximate. Buescher Trumpet Serial numbers are most often found on the 2nd valve casing - OR if that is buffed off, check on one of the valves themselves! Pull out a valve and look on the section just below the button and stem. In MOST Buecher trumpets in the 1950s and earlier, you can find the serial number here as well. Please see.
  2. Conn Student Alto Saxophone #L02,xxx, 'Shooting Star' made in the US, not Mexico; My Account; My Cart; Checkout; Log In; Hours. Tuesday - Friday: 10AM to 1PM and 2PM to 5PM . Saturday: 10AM to 1PM Sunday - Monday: CLOSED. We will be opening late tomorrow, Wednesday October 14th at 11:30 a.m. You have no items in your shopping cart. Move your mouse over image or click to enlarge . More Views.
  3. instrumantiq.com propose en consultation des listes de numéros de série de fabricants d'instruments de musique tel que : Alfred Arnold, Leblanc, Conn, Sax, Selmer, etc...Displayed on instrumantiq.com music instruments makers serial numbers like : Alfred Arnold, Leblanc, Conn, Sax, Selmer, etc..
  4. Find out the year of production from our serial number list. Informations about Martin, Buescher, King, Conn, Selmer, Holton, Couesnon and many more. Stencil saxophone information including a list of stencil's made by Buescher, Conn and many more. Saxophone material and surface protection. THE SOUND Listen to the sound of many vintage saxophones played by professional player Al McLean. A great.
  5. Serial number #213179. Il sax prezzo: € 900,00 usato privato. SAX ALTO CONN CHU BERRY DEL 1926. Sax Alto Conn Chu Berry del 1926.Strumento che non ha bisogno di presentazioni. Uno de migliori sax mai costruiti apprezzato da musicisti e studenti di livello avanzato. Serial number #167739. Il sax prezzo: € 900,00 usato privato. SAX ALTO CONN NEW WONDER - SERIES I. Sax alto Conn New.

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1922 Conn Curved Soprano Saxophone - High F! C $1,972.95 +C $35.72 shipping. Make Offer - 1922 Conn Curved Soprano Saxophone - High F! Selmer Paris Mark VI Professional Baritone Saxophone 194991 LOW A, GREAT PLAYER . C $6,443.65 +C $170.99 shipping. Make Offer - Selmer Paris Mark VI Professional Baritone Saxophone 194991 LOW A, GREAT PLAYER . 1959 Selmer Mark VI Tenor Sax- Tremendous Player! C. C.G Conn Ltd, parfois appelée Conn Instruments ou seulement Conn, est une marque américaine d'instruments à vents de la famille des cuivres et des bois.La marque est spécialisée dans la fabrication de trombones, de trompettes et de saxophones.Conn est particulièrement reconnue pour avoir fabriqué plusieurs modèles de saxophones incluant le Lady Face et le Chu Berry

Verkäufer: music-outlet-shop (13.282) 100%, Artikelstandort: COLOGNE, Versand nach: Worldwide, Artikelnummer: 124205550458 1942 CONN ALT / ALTO SAX / SAXOPHONE - LADY FACE - made in USA. 1942 CONN ALT / ALTO SAX / SAXOPHONE - LADY FACE - made in USA : * serial number is in the 306.000 range * pads were replaced 2 years ago & are clean * finish has some wear * a newer case is included * plays. Conn wasn't stamping 10M on them at this point in production as officially, Conn referred to them simply as the Artist Series models that were released in 1935. Just prior to this official transition, Conn made models that are today referred to as Transitional models (an unofficial name) that were known to be a hybrid between the true predecessing model, the New Wonder and.

Martin Serial Number Chart. Home » Museum » Saxophone Galleries » MARTIN » Handcraft. C-MELODY SAX. Handcraft Master 'DeLuxe' - GOLD SN: 79359. Serial Numbers. Because of the lack of knowledge that we share about this topic in corresponding finnish forums (or anyone doesn't just bother to answer.) I'd like to enquire your potential. The BLASHAUS Converted Conn Chu Berry Black Pearl II Tenor Saxophone is the dream instrument, combining the legendary Conn sound from the 30's with modern handling requirements. The 203555 serial number was made in 1927 and is a true Conn Chu... Compare. Add to Cart. Add to Wish list Quick view. Buffet 400 Alto Saxophone. $2,711.00. The Buffet 400 Alto Saxophone Series is designed for the. Saxophone Tenor sax Conn 10M used after technical review (DR19-070) EUR 1.560,00 +EUR 150,00 Versand. Preisvorschlag senden - Saxophone Tenor sax Conn 10M used after technical review (DR19-070) Make Offer !! 1952 King Zephyr Double Socket Neckt Tenor Saxophone Great Look ! EUR 1.700,00 +EUR 100,00 Versand . Preisvorschlag senden - Make Offer !! 1952 King Zephyr Double Socket Neckt Tenor. My own website, www.saxpics.com, has a few esoteric serial number charts currently posted -- and a few I haven't. You can c'mon down for serial number charts for SML, A. Sax, Kohlert, and Dolnet (all are based on research, rather than serial numbers posted by the companies, themselves). Here are a few other great websites I've found

Conn Baritone Saxophone – Transitional New Wonder – 1934

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Cannonball Mad Meg Big Bell Stone Series Alto Saxophone $ 1,575.00 Sold out Conn 10M Tenor Saxophone (1945) $ 3,500.00 Conn 10M Tenor Saxophone (1967) $ 1,150.00 Sold out Conn New Wonder Alto Saxophone $ 925.00 Conn New Wonder Alto Saxophone $ 1,275.00 Dave Guardala New York Tenor Saxophone $ 3,500.00 Jupiter JAS-769 Intermediate Alto Saxophone $ 625.00 Keilwerth Armstrong Heritage Soprano. Conn(コーン) 10M ネイキッド・レディ テナーサックス シリアルNo:319XXX 1947年製 【ヴィンテージ】 オリジナルラッカー 彫刻:Naked Lady( This vintage Conn 8D French Horn, was made in Elkhart, Indiana in the late 1950's (serial number 624XXX). Conn 8D's of this era are known for being excellent instruments and are highly sought-after. This particular instrument was well-played, as it belonged to professional musician, the late Leo Sacchi. Mr. Sacchi played with the Denver Symphony, Orlando Symphony, and 18 seasons with the.

Alto Saxophone Conn (low pitch) Serial #36xxx $375.00. Alto Saxophone Martin Indiana SX53 Serial #87xxx $600.00. Tenor Saxophone Selmer Mark VI Serial #189xxx $7650.00. Alto Saxophone New Yorker Sponsored by Selmer Serial #261xxx $395.00. Alto Sax Conn Low Pitch 36xxx Serial Number $375.00 AS IS. Alto Sax Martin Handcraft AS 114xxx Serial Number $1595.00. Tenor Sax The Martin 178xxx Serial. This tenor saxophone is a CG Conn New Wonder II, the legendary Chu Berry model. Made in 1926 according to the serial number. Original lacquered has worn off. The saxophone has completely overhauled, repadded in 2018 by Mr George Haasz repairman extraordinary, in Budapest 600 Industrial Parkway Elkhart, Indiana 46516 574.295.6730. Copyright © 2020 Conn-Selmer, Inc. All Rights Reserve

Conn Saxophone Model Timeline Sax Gourme

Make Model Serial Number Finish Comments Price; Buescher C-Melody 255xxx: Silverplate: A nice, late Buescher C-melody tenor from 1930. Beautiful, original silver. Conn Saxophone Serial Number List. Years and Serial Numbers are approximate, Pictures all Models, Thanks Pete, and to all contributers! VINTAGE SAXOPHONE VALUE GUIDE. When I set out. C Melody Saxophone Buescher Serial Numberinstmank. C Melody Saxophone Buescher Serial Numberinstmank. MY ORGANIC GARDEN. HOME. SERVICES. VISIT US. Blog. More. Selmer Series II and Series III Baritones, Professional Models - Sax Alley is an official Selmer Paris Dealer! We now have ready access to these great saxophones at great prices. Call or email for the Sax Alley Price that includes our $400 New Horn Set-Up and Free Shipping Conn Saxophone Serial Number List. During this era, Carl Greenleaf began the National School Band Movement. Conn and Buescher, two of the larger producers of American saxophones, made altimeters for military planes. SSS280R Step-Up Soprano Saxophone. Case for Oboe and English Horn with Backpack to be Attached. I'm having trouble figuring out the year by using the model number of my tenor sax.

Selmer Saxophone Serial Number listings I have only addressed instruments for which there is a regular and established market, so not every model is included. Wo to the conn saxophone serial number where the. Serial #91970has a 14. serial number for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3. Selmer (Paris) Sax Legend Year Model Serial Number 1922 Model 22 750-1400 1923 1401-2350 1924 2351-3350 1925 3351.

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