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Bewertungen, Bilder und Reisetipps. Weltweit die besten Angebote Hier finden Sie alte Freunde wieder im größten Verzeichnis Deutschlands Die Torres-Strait-Inseln sind eine Inselgruppe in der Meerespassage Torres Strait zwischen der Nordspitze Australiens, dem Kap York, und der Südküste von Papua-Neuguinea. Sie gehören überwiegend zum australischen Bundesstaat Queensland. Einige Inseln entlang der Südküste von Neuguinea gehören zur Westprovinz von Papua-Neuguinea The Torres Strait Islandsare a group of at least 274 small islands in Torres Strait, the waterway separating far northern continental Australia's Cape York Peninsulaand the island of New Guinea. They span an area of 48,000 km2(19,000 sq mi), but their total land area is 566 km2(219 sq mi)

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The Torres Strait Islands are a group of islands to the north of the Australian mainland stretching nearly as far as Papua New Guinea. There are 14 inhabited islands, but only the two neighbouring islands of Thursday Island and Horn Island have developed visitor facilities The Torres Strait Islands are impossibly beautiful and virtually untouched, a series of stepping stones reaching from Cape York towards Papua New Guinea. WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE White beaches, volcanic peaks covered in forest and rocky islets emerge from turquoise water teeming with dugongs, dolphins, sea turtles and giant marlin The Torres Strait is home to a strong, vibrant, living culture that is thousands of years old. 'Awakening' explores aspects of this rich and diverse culture.

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Torres Strait Islanders (/ ˈtɒrɪs -/) are the Indigenous peoples of the Torres Strait Islands, which are part of the state of Queensland, Australia. Ethnically distinct from the Aboriginal people of the rest of Australia, they are often grouped with them as Indigenous Australians European arrival, and in particular the establishment of the London Missionary Society (LMS) in the Torres Strait in 1871, saw the beginning of assimilation between Island and western cultures. During this time, we were actively discouraged from speaking traditional languages and practising culture Torres Strait Islands, island group in the Torres Strait, north of Cape York Peninsula, Queensland, Australia, and south of the island of New Guinea The Torres Strait Islands lie off the northern tip of Queensland and are home to unique Indigenous cultures. Right now, king tides, cyclones and coral bleaching are threatening the homes and cultures of Torres Strait Islander people, while the Australian government refuses to address the climate crisis. Eight Torres Strait Islanders are taking their case to the UN, demanding Australia rapidly.

The Morrison government has asked the human rights committee of the United Nations to dismiss a landmark claim by a group of Torres Strait Islanders from low-lying islands off the northern coast of.. The Torres Strait Islander peoples are of Melanesian descent, as are the people of Papua New Guinea, with whom they share similar cultural traits and customs. The Torres Strait Islander peoples have lived on the islands for thousands of years Torres Strait Islands is the northernmost area in Australia. There are about 300 islands, all the way up to the border of Papua New Guinea. It's an amazing region with bright blue waters and a totally different culture compared to most of the Australian mainland Some of the occupied Torres Strait Islands. Interested in travelling there? Read here.http://hubpages.com/_15iu74f0ip9f5/hub/Torres_Strait_Islands_Melanesian_cultur

Torres Strait doctors issue call to arms over climate change impact on Indigenous health Low-lying islands and high rates of chronic disease make population particularly vulnerable, statement says. Australia's Prime Minister is this week running his government from one of the country's most remote areas. The BBC explores the people and history of the Torres Strait Islands

The Torres Strait Islands are part of the Australian state of Queensland. The administrative centre for the territory is based on Thursday Island where are regrouped 15 Queensland Government and 14 Commonwealth Government Departments The Torres Strait Islands are a group of islands to the north of the Australian mainland stretching nearly as far as Papua New Guinea. There are 14 inhabited islands, but only the two neighbouring islands of Thursday Island and Horn Island have developed visitor facilities. These two islands are the most visited, and have regular scheduled air and ferry connections. The other islands are left. In the 2016 Census, there were 4,514 people in Torres Strait Islands (Statistical Area Level 2). Of these 50.8% were male and 49.2% were female. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people made up 91.8% of the population. View the data quality statement for Place of Usual Residence (PURP Masks made of turtle shell were used in rituals and ceremonies in the Torres Strait Islands and made to represent ancestors with an associated totem, frequently the crocodile. The masks sometimes have the form of the human face or animals such as birds, fish or reptiles, with many masks combining the features of both humans and animals

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Torres Strait Island Regional Council, Torres Strait. 7.4K likes. Australia's most northernly municipality, which shares an international border with PNG, and represents 15 unique island communities.. Torres Strait Islands Background and Location There are more than 100 islands in the Torres Straits covering a total area of over 35,000 square kilometres of which approximately 3% is land, 6% tidal reef flats and 91% mainly shallow open seas.1 38 are inhabited which is home to the 7,000 (2) people living on the islands Torres Strait Air lands at YOUR Island! For the First time, a locally owned air charter company is here to serve the vital transport needs of the Torres Strait Community with a well resourced and experienced team of Air Charter Professionals. Safety first is our Mantra and with our fleet of nine IFR capabale aircraft based on Horn Island we are arguably the largest air charter operator.

dict.cc | Übersetzungen für 'Torres Strait Islands' im Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen,. Category:Torres Strait Islands. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to navigation Jump to search. English: Torres Strait Islands. Torres Strait Islands archipelago north of Australia. Upload media Wikipedia Wikivoyage: Instance of: island group: Part of: Far North Queensland: Location: Queensland, AUS : Located in or next to body of water: Torres Strait: Area: 566 km²; 9.

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Flagge der Torres-Strait-Insulaner. Die Flagge der Torres-Strait-Insulaner wurde 1995 durch die australische Regierung zu einer offiziellen Flagge erklärt. 1992 von Bernard Namok im Rahmen eines Wettbewerbes entworfen, wurde sie erstmals im selben Jahr auf dem Torres Strait Islands Cultural Festival verwendet Torres Strait Islands Geographische Koordinaten: Breitengrad: -10.579, Längengrad: 142.22 10° 34′ 44″ Süden, 142° 13′ 12″ Osten Torres Strait Islands Fläche: 49.110 Hektar 491,10 km²: Torres Strait Islands Höhenlage: 21 m: Torres Strait Islands Klim Murray Island (Mer) is the home of the late Eddie Mabo, who was a pioneer of the Land Rights movement: in 1982 he led a group of five Torres Strait Islanders who successfully argued against the notion of Terra Nullius, the myth that Australia was in fact empty land, unoccupied ready to be colonised; the Murray Islanders had been there for thousands of years and thus could prove their ownership to the land The Torres Strait (/ ˈ t ɒr ɪ s / [citation needed]) is a strait between Australia and the Melanesian island of New Guinea.It is 151 km (94 mi) wide at its narrowest extent. To the south is Cape York Peninsula, the northernmost extremity of the Australian mainland.To the north is the Western Province of Papua New Guinea.It is named after the Spanish navigator Luís Vaz de Torres, who sailed. Die Torres-Strait-Insulaner sind die indigene Bevölkerung der Torres-Strait-Inseln vor Queensland in Australien. Viele von ihnen leben inzwischen auf dem australischen Kontinent. Sie haben eine melanesische Kultur und sind nicht mit den Aborigines verwandt. Die Flagge der Torres-Strait-Insulaner. Bevölkerung. Als im späten 18. Jahrhundert die europäische Kolonisation der Torres-Strait.

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  1. Low-lying islands in the Torres Strait are currently losing twice the amount of land to rising sea-levels than the global average and face relocations in the near..
  2. Revive the Languages. The Torres Strait region is the home of two traditional languages and six dialects: Meriam Mir - Mer dialect and Erub dialect; Kala Lagaw Ya - Kulkalgau Ya, Kalaw Kawaw Ya, Kawrareg dialect and Mabuyag dialect; These are all recognised as severely and critically endangered languages by UNESCO, the Australian Government and Torres Strait communities
  3. The plaintiffs inhabit a group of islands off the northern tip of Queensland, Australia, between the Australian mainland and Papua New Guinea. These low-lying island communities are highly vulnerable to climate change impacts including sea level rise, storm surge, coral bleaching, and ocean acidification
  4. www.ourislandsourhome.com.au Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples should be aware that this video may contain the images, voices and names of peo..
  5. Experience the vibrant art, culture and natural beauty of the Torres Strait Islands, including community visits of Badu and Moa Islands Land at the northernmost tip of Australia at Pajinka on Cape York for a sunset or sunrise champagne toast Snorkel remote reefs and bird-watch at Davie Cay on the northern Great Barrier Ree

Torres Strait Islands Overview: Torres Strait Islands form an archipelago within the Australian state of Queensland, located north of Cape York Peninsula, Australia, stretching across 140 km of the South Pacific Ocean at the narrowest point between Australia and Papua New Guinea. The territory is made up of over 270 islands; it is a complex, shallow region with extensive cays, shoals. myPolice Torres Strait Islands. 2,031 likes · 28 talking about this · 3 were here. Do not use this page to report a crime. In an emergency, call Triple Zero (000). For non-urgent matters, call the.. The Islands of Torres Strait Saturday, 2 November 2019 My new book from the National Library of Australia - Tony Wheeler's Islands of Australia - features a section on the islands of Torres Strait, the 274 islands that dot the shallow strait which separates Cape York (the northern tip of the state of Queensland) from Papua New Guinea The outer islands of the Torres Strait are renowned for their traditional dance, music, arts, crafts, stories and languages. There are hundreds of artists operating across the region, with three independent Art Centres producing high quality artwork for festivals and exhibitions across the globe. TSIRC proudly support and promote local artists and Art Centres The Torres Strait Islands are a group of islands to the north of the Australian mainland stretching nearly as far as Papua New Guinea. There are 14 inhabited..

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The Top Western group of Torres Strait Islandsconsist of Saibai, Dauan and Boigu, located about 120 kilometres north of Thursday Island and within sight of the coast of Papua New Guinea - the most northerly communities of Australia. The language spoken is Kalaw Kawaw Ya, and there are strong traditional kinship ties between the islands Yorke Island is a coral cay situated in the eastern area of the Central Island group in the Torres Strait. The people of Yorke Island are skilled navigators with a detailed knowledge of the reefs who have always occupied a central position in the Straits trading networks. Poruma is otherwise known as Coconut Island The Torres Strait Islands, Australia. Gefällt 1.007 Mal. Welcome to 'The Torres Strait Islands, Australia' page. The aim of this page is to showcase the Islands of the Torres Straits. Thank U to all.. Torres Strait Islanders are the indigenous people of the Torres Strait Islands, part of Queensland, Australia. They are culturally related to the coastal peoples of Papua New Guinea. They are regarded as being distinct from other Aboriginal peoples of the rest of Australia Request for the Repatriation of Human Remains to the Torres Strait Islands, Australia. In accordance with our policy on Human Remains, we are publishing the dossier relating to the above claim received from the Torres Strait Islands. 2. Dossier. 2.1 The British Museum's Human Remains Policy 2.2 The TSI claim, dated 31 May 2011 2.3 The Australian government's endorsement of this claim 2.4.

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The Torres Strait Islanders are one of two First Nations groups recognised in what is now known as Australia (the other being Aboriginal people). The Torres Strait is made up of eighteen islands and two mainland communities Our culture Torres Strait Islanders have a distinct culture which varies slightly within each island or community. We are a sea-faring people, and engaged in trade with people of Papua New Guinea. The culture is complex, with some Australian elements, Papuan elements and Austronesian elements (also seen in the languages spoken) Seasons and stars in the Torres Strait Islands The sea-faring cultures of the Torres Strait Islanders have always relied on sophisticated understanding of the stars, seasons, weather, winds and currents both for navigation and for appropriate times to gather, nurture or avoid food plants and animals Thursday Island, the main administrative centre for the Torres Strait, is the gateway to a diverse culture and vast region. The central islands are picture perfect coral cays; while in the east majestic mountains rise from the ocean. In the far north you'll find a cluster of islands which continue the tradition of trade with PNG coastal villages. Remarkably beautiful, these islands are.

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Torres Strait is the narrow sea between Australia 's Cape York and New Guinea. It is about 150 km (93 mi) wide and filled with islands, coral reefs and sand banks. The first European to sail through the strait Vanessa uis Vaez de Torres]] in 1606. There are about 240 islands but only 17 of them have people living on them Torres Strait Islands . Daily, 9am - 5pm, free. Home in the Torres Strait. Discover stunning artworks, objects and stories that reflect the history and culture of the Torres Strait Islands, from the mythological past to the present. On show on the lower ground floor of First Australians. Torres Strait Islander collection 8:47 Exhibition highlights. Kulbasaibai canoe. Dhangal (Dugong) by. The Gateway worked well for us. It's run by a sixth generation Torres Strait island family, and they know the islands well. The Gateway - I hesitate to call it the resort because something far more grand comes to mind with that phrase - houses the Torres Strait Heritage Museum and Art Gallery, developed by curator Vanessa Seekee, OAM.I'm not trying to act as an advert for the Gateway, but. The high rates of government employee housing on some islands in the Torres Strait is fundamentally responsible for the housing shortage in the Torres Shire says the Mayor of Torres Shire Council The Torres Strait Islands are a group of 274 small islands which lie in the straits separatingCape York Peninsula in far northern Queensland from the island of New Guinea. They form part of the Australian nation, and their Indigenous artists form a distinctive group within the Aboriginal art regions

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The Torres Strait Islands are a group of at least 274 small islands which lie in Torres Strait, the waterway separating far northern continental Australia's Cape York Peninsula and the island of New Guinea. Only 14 of the islands are inhabited. The indigenous inhabitants of the Torres Strait Islands are the Torres Strait Islanders, an ethnically Melanesian people who also inhabited the. Torres Strait Islands - Between Cape York Peninsula & Papua New Guinea. History. Torres Strait Creole emerged when Pidgin English was brought north following European colonisation in the 1890s. Although Australian Creoles were born out of a necessity for communication with settlers, their status as complete and complex languages has not been recognised until relatively recently. The language. 'Torres Strait Islander' is a broad term grouping the peoples of at least 274 small islands between the northern tip of Cape York in Queensland and the south-west coast of Papua New Guinea. Many Torres Strait Islander peoples live on the Australian mainland. There are also two Torres Strait Islander communities at Bamaga and Seisia, within the Northern Peninsula Area of Queensland At least four Torres Strait Island languages are spoken throughout. The more programs we have to showcase our language and not compromise that, the better it will be to educate wider Australia 6 Jan 2019 - Torres Strait Islanders are the indigenous people of the Torres Strait Islands, part of Queensland, Australia. They are culturally and genetically Melanesian people, as are the people of Papua New Guinea. They are distinct from the Aboriginal people of the rest of Australia, and are generally referred to separately. See more ideas about Melanesian people, Aboriginal people and.

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The Torres Strait Islands, located off the coast of the northernmost tip of Queensland, are 274 islands that made up a historically busy intersection of trading and exploring. Trade with visitors from Europe and Asia was a key part of island life, with Japanese, Papua New Guineans and Malaysians regularly visiting, and a major Cambridge Expedition undertaken in the region in 1898. The arrival. In a world first, a group of Torres Strait Islanders, whose island homes are threatened by rising seas, will bring a human rights complaint against the Australian government over its inaction on climate change. Twenty-seven years after the historic Mabo native title decision, citizens from low-lying islands off Australia's north coast will lodge an official complaint to the United Nations. Torres Strait Islanders: Custom and Colonialism | Beckett, Jeremy | ISBN: 9780521378628 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon The Torres Strait Islands. Cultural Advice: Visitors should be aware that the exhibition and website may include names, images and voices of deceased people that may cause sadness or distress to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. It is our intention to tell these stories and use imagery with good faith and with respect

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Torres Strait Islands : Torres Strait Islands Localisation : Country Australia, State Queensland. Available Information : Postal address, Phone, #DE_EDIFICE# fax number, Email address, Website, Mayor, Geographical coordinates, Number of inhabitants, Altitude, Area and Hotel. Nearby cities and villages : Torres. - City, Town and Village of the worl Perfekte Torres Strait Islands Stock-Fotos und -Bilder sowie aktuelle Editorial-Aufnahmen von Getty Images. Download hochwertiger Bilder, die man nirgendwo sonst findet Find the perfect torres strait islands stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy now We were on Erub, or Darnley Island, in the easternmost group of the Torres Strait Islands. We'd come to celebrate the arrival of missionaries here in 1871 and we'd been promised three days of feasting, dancing, fellowship and celebration. Related Video. As we neared the limewashed church - dark veins of water-stains creeping down its flaky white paint - the sound of singing.

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The Torres Strait Islands Treaty signed by Australia and Papua New Guinea allows for free movement (without passports or visas) between Australia and Papua New Guinea for traditional activities in a limited zone of the Torres Strait. First inhabitants. The first inhabitants of the Torres Strait are believed to have migrated from the Indonesian archipelago 70,000 years ago at a time when New. The Torres Strait Islands Are a group of islands between the Australian mainland and Papua New Guinea.. Regions []. There are several regions in the Torres Strait: Top Western islands, Near Western islands, Inner islands, Central islands and Eastern islands. Other destinations [] Understand []. The Torres Strait Islanders were the first Indigenous Australians to gain legal recognition of their.

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Torres Strait Islanders living on the islands or on the mainland come together to honour this anniversary every year. Islanders of all faiths celebrate the Coming of the Light in a festival like no other in Australia. Activities include church services and a re-enactment of the landing at Kemus on Erub. Hymn singing, feasting and. An ancient banana cultivation site at Wagadagam, Mabuyag in the Torres Strait Islands. Picture: ANU Media. Archaeological evidence has been uncovered in the Torres Strait showing Indigenous people.

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