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The San Juan Islands, located 140 km north of Seattle in the heart of Salish Sea, is the most famous place for orca whale watching. Orca whales usually pass through the islands in greatest numbers between mid-May and mid-October when the salmon runs are strongest, although it's possible to spot them through the rest of the year Try whale watching from the shore at Alki Beach in West Seattle, just a short drive or water taxi trip away from downtown. The beach is a popular spot for seals and their pups to rest, making it a draw for Orcas as well. You're more likely to spot orcas here during the fall and winter months, but transient whales are seen here year round Day-long whale watching tours from Seattle, around Whidbey Island, to the iconic San Juan Islands. Sail through breathtaking Deception Pass, and travel through the protected waters of the Salish Sea, while trained naturalists educate passengers about the remarkable ecosystem and its wildlife with a focus on whale and sealife conservation Book Now: Seattle to San Juan Island day trip with whale watching Often seen during the spring in the Salish Sea, mammal-eating orcas hunt other marine animals that feed on the herring in our waters from May to October. Buckmaster clarifies the whales' food source is mainly seals, sea lions, porpoises and occasionally larger whale species

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One website says: The best time to go whale watching is during the winter months of December through February and in the spring months of March through May. And that's typically when we go to enjoy the islands. Cruises /charters depart many places, e.g., Seattle, Orcas and San Juan Islands, Anacortes, Victoria, et al Whale watching Seattle and whale watching Washington are commonly associated with whale watching in the San Juan Islands. San Juan Island is the center of whale watching in the Pacific Northwest and therefore Friday Harbor on San Juan Island is the best location for departing on a whale watch tour in Washington State. We hope to see you soon! Voted Best Whale Watching Experience. by King 5 TV.

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  1. Each season has its special offers, and Gray Whales of Puget Sound are what spring has prepared for you. During the season 20,000 gentle giants migrate along the west coast. On their way home to Alaska, they make a . Home Destinations Interests Top 2020 by Month. Home Top 2020 by Month Interests My Wishlist Sign In. My Wishlist. Sign In. Best time to travel to Seattle. Gray Whales near Everett.
  2. We see orca whales on over 90% of our tours during peak season. About Our Boat. Our main vessel, the Sea Lion is one of the newest and fastest vessels on San Juan Island. We travel further and faster than other whale watching tours, letting us cover more water and increasing our chances of seeing whales. The Sea Lion is spacious and a comfortable 55 feet long. She's U.S. Coast Guard approved.
  3. Whale watching season for southern rights in this region is between June and October, when they swim closest to the shores. In Warnambool, Victoria, blue whales are occasionally seen in May. Cross off two breathtaking experiences at once and journey along the Great Ocean Road on the southeastern coast of Australia
  4. kes. While winter is not necessarily peak season, it still offers plenty of chances to see a variety of mammals. Whale Watching near Lynnwoo

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But for more intimate, uninterrupted sightings, watchers may want to hop onboard the Seattle Orca Whale Watching Tour. It's pricier than some of the other excursions on this list, but that's because the whale-watchers shuttle to their tour by a Kenmore Air seaplane. Tour package prices range from season to season, costing anywhere from $355 to $389. Tourists can expect to depart from. In Washington konzentriert sich Whale Watching auf die Gewässer rund um Vancouver Island: Die Haro Strait und die Juan de Fuca Strait im Puget Sound, die beide von Friday Harbour auf San Juan Island aus angefahren werden. Hier kann man bei zahlreichen Anbietern sowohl klassische als auch Kayak-Touren buchen. Auch in Port Townsend (Ost-Eingang zum Puget Sound), Anacortes auf Fidalgo Island.

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The Best Seattle Whale Watching Tour . Air & Sea Adventure. info@fly2whales.com. 1-844-363-6722. 860 W Perimeter Rd, Renton, WA 98057 ©2019 by Western Prince Whale Watching & Friday Harbor Seaplanes. Meet the REAL Pacific Northwest locals as we journey to the San Juan Islands and discover Seattle whale watching through the eyes of Captain Jason Mihok, Cli..

The high-speed Victoria Clipper passenger ferry from Seattle cruises through Puget Sound enroute to Victoria's Inner Harbour. Shortly after arrival, you'll start your watching adventure with us. Come for the afternoon, or stay a few nights at one of our partner hotels! The nearby Juan de Fuca and Haro Straits are home to three Resident Orca (killer whale) pods. With almost 85 whales in the. Odyssey Whale Watching; Suchen. Unterstützen Sie diesen Veranstalter: Die Reise-Community macht momentan schwierige Zeiten durch. Sie können sich jedoch solidarisch zeigen und die Community unterstützen: Verfassen Sie eine Bewertung oder veröffentlichen Sie Fotos von Touren und Erlebnissen, an denen Sie teilgenommen haben. Ihre Unterstützung wird Tourveranstaltern auf der ganzen Welt.

Puget Sound Whale Watching Season. The Puget Sound whale watching season runs from April through the end of September. Southern Resident Orcas are seen year-round, but most of the whales in the area are just passing through. Gray whales are best seen between March and May, as they make their way to their summer feeding grounds. Transient orcas, humpbacks, minke, and fin whales are found in the. Watching whales by air and sea. Kenmore Air's Scenic Flight and Whale Watching Boat Tour is the ultimate whale-watching trip out of Seattle. From March through October, the full day package.

*Please note on the shoulder season the whale watching time and vessel availability changes* The Best Seattle Whale Watching Tour . Air & Sea Adventure. info@fly2whales.com. 1-844-363-6722. 860 W Perimeter Rd, Renton, WA 98057 ©2019 by Western Prince Whale Watching & Friday Harbor Seaplanes. Seattle Whale Watching - Tours Northwest. United States ; Washington (WA) Seattle ; Seattle - Things to Do ; Tours Northwest; Search. Tours Northwest. 1,573 Reviews #36 of 252 Tours in Seattle. Day Trips, Bus Tours, Sightseeing Tours, Cultural Tours, City Tours More. 8219 7th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108-4367. Open today: 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM. Save. Book In Advance. Premier 3-Hour Seattle City Tour. Whale watching is most popular April through September and usually focuses on the area around the San Juan Islands.A number of charter boat companies run whale watching cruises and you can find such charters operating out of Seattle and from various other ports around Puget Sound.We have listed below several whale watching boats and charter operators operating out of Seattle Whale watching Season. Orca whales in Washington are seen year around though most often during the whale watch season beginning in April and running through September. Whale watching for Gray whales is best during the months of March, April, and May as they migrate to summer feeding grounds in the North Pacific from their summer breeding waters of Baja California. Whale Watching in Washington.

J pod can be seen around Seattle and Whidbey Island. Transient Orcas travel in smaller groups with less tight knit family bonds than the resident populations. Feeding exclusively on marine mammals, these whales can be seen in most of the same areas as the resident whales, although with less frequency, possibly due to the smaller numbers that travel together. Gray Whales. Gray Whale. Gray. Herds of humans will gather at the headlands along 294 miles of the Oregon Coast starting on Wednesday, scanning the horizon for any sign.. A premier whale watching destination located just outside the famed Olympic National Park. In recent years, the waters surrounding Port Angeles have become one of the leading destinations for viewing humpback whales in North America. Orcas are often seen feeding in the area as well. From Port Angeles, the comfortable Island Explorer 4 can head west into the Strait of Juan de Fuca, east toward.

Clipper Navigation has begun its annual San Juan Island whale and sea-life excursions, offering early-season discounts on cruises between Seattle's Pier 69 and Friday Harbor on San Juan Island Whale watching excursions in Friday Harbor usually begin in April, when the postcard-ready town is still in a subdued shoulder season. Ferries and floatplanes still make regular arrivals in the bean-shaped harbor, but there's no breakfast line at the greasy spoon Rocky Bay Cafe, and, on the bluffs overlooking the water, the upscale boutique hotels Friday Harbor House and Island Inn at 123. Whale watching newbies will feel right at home as dedicated staff provides a wealth of tips and knowledge (along with plenty of binoculars). There's even a heated indoor viewing area along the seawall to keep cold and stormy weather at bay. Bone up on your whale vocabulary as you observe these majestic beings blow, dive, spy hop (when a whale rises vertically above the water's surface.

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There are many ways to get on the water with us - whale watching tours, trips to Friday Harbor, crab dinner cruises on Chuckanut Bay, beer & wine tasting cruises and private charters. Come aboard for an adventure in the San Juan Islands or a fun and relaxing evening on Bellingham Bay! Our classic San Juan Islands whale watching tour, including a comprehensive narrated tour and free lasagna. Regarding your comment don't go when it's not peak season. As a 25 year whale watch captain veteran, and a San Juan Island local, I couldn't disagree more. While the statistics of March & April whale sightings is lower than our summer departures, the rewards are often much greater. I just returned from today's whale watch & wildlife tour (April 18th) in which we encountered 20+ killer whales. Happy whale watching and have a whale of a time! WHALETRIPS. Bitte postet eure schönsten Wal-Fotos rund um die Welt mit #whaletrips und erzählt uns eure tollen Geschichten - wir freuen uns, sie hier auf dieser Seite und via Facebook oder Instagram zu teilen. DOWNLOAD. Ihr könnt den Walplaner auch als Grafik herunterladen! Einfach hier klicken und das Bild speichern. Und bitte teilt den. Commercial whale watching tours and the cruise ship season remain on hold. Large cargo ships continue to come and go with slightly reduced frequency. Noise and vessel disturbance are considered. San Juan Cruises has three whale watching tours - a Deluxe Whale Watch including a free salmon lunch and Friday Harbor visit, a Half-Day Whale Watching tour with a free lasagna lunch, and an Evening Whale Watching tour that includes our delicious lasagna and Caesar salad dinner

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San Juan Island Whale Watching Season Update - The Best There Has Been. We've been having spectacular sightings here at Western Prince, located right in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, just 90 miles from Seattle. With multiple whale watching tours departing from Friday Harbor daily, we strive to make every trip the best possible This West Seattle beach is a popular spot for seals and their pups, leading to the presence of Bigg's or transient orcas. Bigg's orcas differ from the resident orca pods that follow the salmon chum runs, as they eat mammals. (Seattle, 1702 Alki Ave. SW) Looking for more spots on the shore that are good for whale watching Whale season. Spring Whale Watch Week begins Saturday and continues through April 1 on the Northwest coast. Trained volunteers with the Whale Watching Spoken Here organization will be at 28 locations from Ilwaco, Wash., south to Crescent City, Calif., from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. daily to help visitors spot gray whales and learn about them Go whale watching in Seattle! See orcas, humpback whales, minkes, and all the majestic wildlife in the San Juan Islands - departing just 15 minutes north of downtown Seattle. With 3 generations of family dedication and experience, we guarantee you'll see whales or your next trip is free! Cruising at over 40 knots, the MV Saratoga will take you to the spectacular San Juan Islands in a.

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Figure 64. Whale watching tour departure times by company by tier.. 84 Figure 65. Percent occupancy for the whale watching industry during peak, low, and off-season.. 84 Figure 66. Percent of additional commercial activities conducted by whale watching vessels.. 85 Figure 67. Seasons in which additional commercial activities. Our whale watching tour focuses on magnificent Orcas (Killer Whales), majestic Humpback Whales, and other marine wildlife such as Porpoises, Sea Lions, Seals and Bald Eagles. The Killer Whales come to this region to feed on the salmon that are returning to the Fraser River to spawn. The Salmon start to migrate up river in May and continue into October. There are three pods (families) of Killer.

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At Western Prince Whale Watching, our passion is sharing the natural beauty, whales, and diverse wildlife of the Salish Sea. Providing high quality tours for over 30 years, we are the longest operating whale watch company in the San Juan Islands (90 miles north of Seattle), and with that experience, we make every one of our tours a unique adventure Look no further, because Eagle Wing Tours, the #1 rated orca whale-watching company in Victoria, British Columbia has a very unique and exciting way to explore both the Salish Sea and Victoria. Yes , Victoria is just a short 45 minute float plane ride from downtown Seattle with Kenmore Air offering multiple daily departures throughout the year For the best whale-watching in Seattle, enjoy the beauty of San Juan Island on a whale-watching cruise from Friday Harbor, a quaint town on the island. San Juan Island is considered the best place to view orca whales because of the large salmon population, which is their primary food source. Salmon travel up and down the west coast of the island and some of the outlying areas, so it makes it a. It isn't necessarily ideal whale watching season in Seattle, because winter months tend to be wet and miserable, but we found a tour that operates year round that conveniently leaves from downtown Seattle. I was optimistic when buying the tickets (about a month ago), but after our chaotic family snowshoeing 'adventure' I almost cancelled the entire trip because I didn't think my mental.

Peak season for catching sight of orcas is from late April to early October, so you definitely have a good chance of seeing them if you go whale watching on August 19th. The whales are wild animals, so we can't predict when or where they will pop up, but it is uncommon that we don't see any whales on our tours, which is why we have a whale sighting guarantee. Last year, we had a 96% rate. Orca whale-watching is most reliable from mid- April through mid-October with killer whale activity peaking June through September. Minke whales, more difficult to locate than orca whales due to their solitary habits, occur during the same period but most sightings are from mid-July to mid-October. Our two smallest whales, the Dall's and harbor porpoises, were seen on 45% of our recent kayak. This was a year like no other with the COVID-19 pandemic delaying the start of the Victoria whale watching season until July. With international borders closed, Victoria was a quieter place with only tourists from across Canada visiting our Capital City. While the world seemed up-side-down on land, time on the water and with wildlife felt. There are two peak gray whale migration seasons to know for the best whale watching in Oregon—from March through May and from mid-December through mid-January. Spring Migration. The spring migration season is when the gray whales migrate from their Baja Mexico breeding lagoons to their feeding grounds in the Arctic. Pregnant females and nursing mothers with young calves are the last ones to.

Whale watching is the practice of observing whales and dolphins in their natural habitat.Whale watching is mostly a recreational activity (cf. birdwatching), but it can also serve scientific and/or educational purposes. A study prepared for International Fund for Animal Welfare in 2009 estimated that 13 million people went whale watching globally in 2008 Something that sets Puget Sound Express apart from other whale watching tours is that they guarantee whale sightings or another trip for free. When I was first told I was going whale watching I was imagining an outdoor boat, and packed for that expecting it to be cold and wet since this is Seattle. This was not the case; the inside of the boat.

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Each passes through the seas at slightly different times of the year but overall whale watching season is considered to run from March to October. The best time of year to see orca. Though they are not technically a whale, orcas are often considered the main attraction of whale watching tours. There are two central residents of orca off the Vancouver coast, the southern and northern. The best. Increasingly, the thrill of shore-based whale watching is proximity. Haight never would have come this close to the transient T46B and T65A pods in a boat. Marine authorities have generally required more than a football field of distance between vessels and whales, but Washington laws are even stricter now. Last year, facing calls to temporarily ban whale watching tours, governor Jay Inslee. Whale Watching Seasons . Vancouver, British Columbia is one of the best places in the world to see whales between March and October, when thousands of the majestic mammals migrate through the waters surrounding the Canadian West Coast city. Resident and transient orcas can be seen on an expedition around the Gulf and San Juan Islands, as well as slightly less-common humpback whales, gray. Book your Orca whale watching tour with Maya's Legacy whale watching, departing daily from San Juan Island, just 90 miles from Seattle. We leave from the dock closest to the whales for your best chance to see Orcas Discover Whale Watching Deals In and Near Seattle, WA and Save Up to 70% Off. $97.29 for Guaranteed Whale Watching Tour for One at Island Adventures ($109 Value). $53.10 for 3.5-Hour Whale-Watching Trip for One at Outer Island Expeditions ($109 Value). $55.62 for Three-and-a-Half Hour Whale Watching Trip at Orcas Wild ($109 Value)

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Jul 19, 2016 - Experience whale watching direct from Seattle. Find exclusive day trip and overnight getaways to see orcas and humpbacks guided by an expert naturalist Vancouver Whale Watching Season. While numerous species of whales are present in the Salish Sea's waters throughout the year, the peak season for whale watching in Vancouver is from March to October. This will allow you to avoid the worst of the Fall and Winter Pacific storm season. However, for the much vaunted Southern Resident Killer Whales, the seasonal abundance of salmon migrating. Answer 1 of 6: Is it whale watching season? Would you recommend any of the tours? Coming in the last week of march 201 Whale Watching Seattle Coupons - Couponcodesfree. 90% off (2 months ago) Whale Watching Seattle Groupon - couponcodesfree.com. 90% off (4 days ago) Whale Watching - Deals & Coupons | Groupon. 90% off (1 year ago) Whale Watching Deals: 50 to 90% off deals in Whale Watching . Get daily deals and local insights. $79 for 7.5-Hour Guaranteed Whale Watching Tour Valid April 6-Sept 30 at Island.

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Aug 6, 2015 - We Queenslanders love our whales and are constantly on the look out for new bits of information to learn and new vantage points to sight them from. Make sure you join us on our next whale watching adventure. See more ideas about Whale watching, Whale, Hervey bay Mar 3, 2014 - Join Australis on an expedition voyage to observe the Humpback whale in its natural habitat, as we journey through the spectacular sights of the Strait of Magellan and the Beagle Channel down to Cape Horn. See more ideas about Whale watching tours, Whale watching, Strait of magellan

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Whale Watching Seattle cruise | Visual.ly . scoop.it There are so many exciting, romantic and simple ways to get to San Juan Island.Click to reserve space. Click to buy a ticket. You are done! Sucia Island Picnic Cruise | Wild & Marine Life . Sucia Island Picnic Cruise . scoop.it One of the true island gems of the San Juan's.We'll serve a fried chicken, potato salad, chips, fresh fruit. 3 Replies to Puget Sound Express launches 5th season of Edmonds-based whale watching Susan Morrow says: March 9, 2019 at 12:07 pm It would be helpful to know how the captain and crew of The. Answer 1 of 2: Hi, we are coming to Seattle in the middle of May. Is there a chance of whale watching? Thanks We'll set out from sunny Seattle, WA, at the height of the summer season, and explore Washington's San Juan Islands while we search for Humpback and Killer Whales. We may even stop in Bellingham for a wild night of bowling - our favorite! Then it's on to Vancouver, Canada's west coast metropolis, to conclude our voyage Whale Watching Near Seattle. Archive for the 'J1 Ruffles' Category. J Pod! August 22, 2008. Received word that the whales were off the west side of San Juan Island moving north. Since they were close by we were able to take our time looking for other wildlife! We stopped to see the Eagle chick on O'neill Island, still hanging in its nest.this one was born very late in the season and.

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Discover Whale Watching Deals In and Near Bainbridge Island, WA and Save Up to 70% Off. $47.20 for 3.5-Hour Whale-Watching Trip for One at Outer Island Expeditions ($109 Value). $47.20 for Three-and-a-Half Hour Whale Watching Trip at Orcas Wild ($109 Value). $47.20 for 3.5-Hour Orca Whale-Watching Tour for One Adult from Orcas Island Eclipse Charters ($109 Value) Aside from exploring rainforests and hitting the snow-covered slopes, there's plenty to do in the Pacific Northwest. Whether you're a local or are just passing through, if you've always wanted to spot some underwater giants swimming around, look no further. Here are some of the best places to go whale watching in Washington this season With an island aptly named Orcas Island, it is practically a given choosing this location for your whale-watching adventure will pay off. While orcas are the most commonly spotted type of whale, gray whales, humpback whales and minke whales also frequent these waters, but choosing the right time of year makes a big difference in your chances of spotting them

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Peak Whale-Watching Times: Mid-May to Mid-October In the middle of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, about 170 kilometers northwest of Seattle, Washington, are the San Juan Islands.These verdant islands and the sparkling waters surrounding them make a spectacular setting to view orcas Whale Watching Seattle 170 km nördlich von Seattle im Bundesstaat Washington liegen die San Juan Islands. Hier kann man besonderst gut Orcas beobachten und dies sogar vom Ufer aus. Wer den Tieren etwas näher kommen möchte, kann bei etlichen Veranstaltern eine Bootstour buchen. Hier bieten manche Anbieter ein Kombipaket, welches einen Rundflug mit einem Wasserflugzeug und einer Bootstour.

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Answer 1 of 8: I'd like to go to Seattle for several reasons but my main reason would be to whale watch. My dates are flexible but I would prefer to go in April. Does anyone know if this is a good time to whale watch? I'd prefer to see Orca's and I.. 1.Whale watching boat tours. A number of tours operate year-round from the San Juan Islands; they are pros at finding likely locations for whale watching due to their spotting network. Boats have a certified naturalist or trained captain on board to point out wildlife and describe their behaviors. Whether you prefer a private tour for six or an 80-passenger vessel, there's a tour for you. It was too early in the season for whales but the day turned out beautiful giving everyone a smooth ride. Also learned some interesting historical facts about the various spots. Review via TripAdvisor June 2018 Summer Whale Watching. 2.5 to 3 hour excursion aboard the Island Whaler to view Orca Whales & other wildlife in the Salish Sea. Click for details. 05/29/2018 - Featured Event Come. The Salish Sea, north of Seattle (the San Juan Islands area) is the best place on the planet to see orcas. Summer is the best time. Spring you can reliably see humpbacks around Whidbey Island, north of Seattle, and it's possible to see them (and Minke, and orcas) in Puget Sound and other marine areas other times of the year Whale Watching. Every year in early spring, thousands of gray whales migrate up the Pacific coast from their breeding grounds near the Baja Peninsula in Mexico to Alaska. The 10,000 to 14,000 mile migration is the longest of any mammal. Gray whales can grow to 50 feet long and weigh over 40 tons. Our season in Puget Sound is from March to May. We see the same 8 - 10 Grays each year. They.

Whale Watching Season Infographic. Essential Tips for Whale Watching in the US. It's also good to take an all day tour versus one that's a few hours so that you can travel farther out and have more opportunities to cross paths with them. From what we hear, chances of sightings are much higher in early morning. Rainy weather isn't bad. Sometimes it's nice, because it calms the ocean and. Whale Watching Season - April 1 to October 31 Vancouver Whale Watch™ provides passengers with the adventure of a lifetime through excellent customer service, first class vessels, the highest possible safety standards and added value from an on-the-water education of the west coast eco-system. We emphasize science and conservation while maintaining a fun and professional atmosphere. Vancouver. Whale watching season runs from June 1st to October 19th (peak July 15th -Sept 15th). You can see a large variety of whales off the Nova Scotian coast including Minke, Sperm, Blue, Humpback and Pilot whales. We went with the tour company 'Guaranteed Whales' and they lived up to their name! We saw 3 pilot whales on our short excursion as well as lots of interesting birds and even a baby. Experiencing the San Juan Islands. There are 172 names islands and reefs in San Juan County. Whether you are planning to enjoy a day of whale watching or look forward to participating in a week long kayak excursion, be sure to plan some extra time to just to explore all that San Juan Island and Roche Harbor have to offer. From high-speed whale watch excursions, to sea kayaking, or to fine. The Pacific Whale Watch Association consists of 28 dedicated whale watching and ecotourism businesses committed to research, education, and responsible wildlife viewing. Member companies depart from 19 different ports in Washington State and British Columbia, educating and inspiring nearly half a million visitors every year. Each one of our member operators provides a unique experience. One of the reasons I love whale-watching in the San Juans is accessibility—resident orcas often swim so close to the coastline that you can see them from shore. I'm not talking about standing on a cliff with binoculars to see a tiny speck in the water; I'm talking about you, on a beach or a rock with nothing but your naked eyes and the whales swimming past you 10 feet away

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